Vietstar Cruises Investment, founded in 2018, specializes in providing luxury cruise and travel services that aim to showcase the beauty of Vietnam’s stunning coastline. Drawing inspiration from the star, a symbol of perfection and high-quality, Vietstar Cruises strives to be a leading player in the luxury cruise business sector in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Vietstar sets the industry standard by offering outstanding service, luxurious accommodations, and top-notch experiences to all customers while prioritizing sustainable development.

In August 2020, Vietstar Cruises Investment launched the first cruise line –  Capella Cruise – in Halong & Lan Ha Bay. Capella Cruise presents a new level of luxury and sophistication in retreat experiences on the world heritage site Halong and the neighboring area. Featuring 30 opulent guest rooms and a range of outstanding facilities, including restaurants, a four-season jacuzzi & swimming pool, bar, spa, lounge, club, and diverse entertainment options, Capella Cruise represents a pioneering luxury cruise, setting standards for all high-end cruise lines in the fleet operated by Vietstar Cruises Investment JSC.

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Vision & Mision

Our Vision: To develop a top-quality international cruise fleet that serves both domestic and foreign tourists. Vietstar Cruises aim to create a reputable, high-class, and top-quality cruise brand in Vietnam, maximizing the potential of sea resources in the tourism industry.

Our Mision:

✔ Become the leading company in investment and development of high-end cruise in Vietnam.

✔ Invest and operate based on sustainable development and responsible tourism standards.

✔ Deliver top-notch experiences that meet international standards for domestic and international tourists.

✔ Prioritize building a team of professionals in an open-minded and ideal working environment that supports the sustainable development of each individual.

Our Values

Values of Vietstar Cruises are carefully considered in every made decision related to:

To our customers: service from the heart.

To our partners: respect and strong commitment for a win-win relationship.

To our people: opportunity for “the better WE tomorrow”.

To the society: responsibility for nature, environment and community

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