Valuables and items deposited with the Cruise

A safe is available and free of charge in each guest cabin and at the Front Desk. The Cruise will not be responsible for the loss or theft of money or any guest’s valuable. However, the Cruise shall compensate the guests for damages when loss, breakage, or other damage is caused with intention or negligence on the part of the Cruise staff.


The Cruise will not accept the following articles for safekeeping:

  1. Articles of uncertain value, including works of art and antiques;
  2. Equipment with data recording devices, such as personal computers and cellular phones;
  3. Items related to personal information, such as customer’s records.


Please do not bring any of the followings onboard:

  1. Animals of any kind;
  2. Gunpowder, oils, or other explosives or inflammables;
  3. Objects emitting a foul odor;
  4. Unregistered firearms or swords;
  5. Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities;
  6. Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Vietnam. Gambling and other acts that are contrary to good morals or that cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited. The cabins or lobby of the Cruise may not be used for any business purposes, or for any purpose apart from accommodation, without the permission from the Cruise.
  7. Please do not hang any items or objects whatsoever from the windows of your guest cabin.
  8. The distribution or display of advertisements and the sale of goods on the premises of the Cruise are prohibited without prior written authorization.
  9. Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended. Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures of the Cruise.
  10. Unauthorized publication for business purposes of photographs taken on the premises of the Cruise may be subject to legal action.
  11. Please do not place any personal or Cruise belongings in the lobby or passageways aboard.
  12. Except in emergency situations, please refrain from using the emergency staircases, going up to the Sundeck or entering areas where there is machinery, areas where Cruise property is stored or other areas where guests are not permitted.
  13. You will be charged for any damage to the Cruise’s property caused by you or by any of your group’s member. In terms of all payments and fines, they can be paid by cash, credit card, traveler’s checks, and travel vouchers or coupons accepted by the Cruise. Please pay your bills whenever requested by the Front Desk while staying at the Cruise. All bills are due upon demand. When a guest wishes to prolong his/her registered departure date, prior notice should be given to the Front Desk.



  1. There must be enough administration documents and fire extinguishers on the ship. It is compulsory to have in hand the Leaving Port Permission before departure.
  2. Fostering a healthy, safe, and supportive environment for receiving and returning passengers, especially the elders, children, and the disabled. Enabling passengers on board only when the ship is tightened and anchored at Got Pier. Having leading bridges and banisters in place. Do not overload the ship’s carrying capacity.
  3. Before leaving the harbor or other tourist sites, crew members must check the number of passengers, reminding passengers to sit down and wear life-jackets. The ship should only depart when it has been balanced. Informing passengers about keeping and protecting the environment and taking care of their own belongings. Keep and store passengers’ belongings with great care if asked.
  4. Manners of service should be courteous, friendly and blissful.



  1. Please follow instructions by our crew members and tour guides at all times. Do not sit on the edge of the boat or banisters. Do not obstruct any operation of the crew members, which might be harmful to the ship’s safety.
  2. Please take care of your belongings. With valuable items like: jewelry, cash, camera, laptop, Ipad, and so on, passengers can put them in their safes or give them to the staff at the reception area (verified, sealed up with consignment note).
  3. Flammable and explosive matters are not allowed on board.
  4. Please wait until the crew members have tightened the cables and the ship is safely anchored to the pier before exiting.
  5. In case of emergency, please keep calm and follow the captain’s and crew member’s instructions.
  6. Be polite and civilized. Make sure that you know the price before using any services onboard. Do not use any kind of propaganda or perform any illegal activities in any way. 
  7. No littering is allowed.




Terms and conditions of transportation of guests and baggage on Viet Star Cruise Investment are governed by the Viet Star Cruise Investment Passage Contract, a copy of which will be included with your preliminary documents or on request. Your acceptance of the Passage Contract constitutes agreement to those terms and conditions, including the procedure for resolution of disputes, when your voyage begins.


Viet Star Cruise Investment shall have the rights to cancel or alter any scheduled sailing or itinerary whose sole judgment and discretion are justified by any reason, and to do so without liability for damage or for any loss to guests. Viet Star Cruise Investment also reserves the rights, in the event of a full-cruise charter or for any other reason, to cancel reservations and bookings whether or not a deposit or full payment has been received. In such an event, Viet Star Cruise Investment will refund guests the full amount.



Full payment is required once the booking being confirmed. Cabins are subjected to cancellation and resale if the required deposit amount is not received within the specific time.



The full payment of the accommodation package must be made no later than 60 days before sailing applied for both single and group reservation. During the payment process, please indicate the name of the person to whom we can refer (for single reservation) or of the group leader (for group reservation) at all times. The payment can be made either by bank transfer or by credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, or Discover Card). Expenses incurred for onboard services/products by the guest, or by Viet Star Cruise on behalf of the guest, shall be paid by the guest prior to disembarkation.



Double or Twin Cabin can accommodate 2 adults, 1 child or 1 infant.

Double Cabin can accommodate 1 more adult with an extra charge.



Infant (0-4 yo): Stay for free if using existing bedding.

Child (5-11 yo): Will be surcharged to stay in a cabin with an extra bed or sharing the bed with parents.

Child (>12 yo) and above are considered adults.



Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult and if that adult is not a parent or a legal guardian, a written permission from their parents or legal guardians is required.



D-CAR LIMOUSINE ( 9, 16 seaters)

Our DCAR service picks up and drops off at hotels located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Passengers from other hotels need to take a taxi to the pick-up point.

Pick-up time: from 8:00 am to 8:30 am daily from hotels in the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

For returning: A shuttle bus will be at Tuan Chau Habour at around 11:45 am, the  shuttle bus will arrive back in Hanoi City at about 3:00 pm.

Our private car service picks up or drops off at Noi Bai Airport. (There will be a surcharge if picking up or dropping off at the airport.)


WEATHER All cruise operators are under the management and operation of the Ha Long Bay Management Authority. They reserve the rights to monitor under weather conditions and make decisions for sailing permission daily. Their decision comes at any time of the day and this will be informed via phone to the cruise operators.. Viet Star Cruise will be in charge of informing all passengers and travel agents if there is any urgent weather issue occured.


REFUND Before deciding if a refund can be made, all cruises and air documents must be returned to Viet Star Cruise. Partial use of cruise, airfare, hotel, and land extensions does not qualify a guest for a refund. All refund requests pertaining to cruise, land, and air are subjected to the final review by Viet Star Cruise.


OPTIONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE We strongly recommend that all guests purchase comprehensive trip cancellation/interruption insurance for the full purchase price of the cruise as well as air and/or land program costs. Your travel agents can provide additional information about a program by Viet Star Cruise that has been tailor-made and affordable exclusively for our guests.


BAGGAGE AND VALUABLES Though we take all reasonable care in the handling of baggage, our responsibility for any lost, damaged, or misplaced baggage and other personal properties is limited by the Passage Contract. We are not responsible for camera equipment, jewelry, cash, or other similar fragile and valuable items contained in checked or unchecked baggage. These items, as well as medications or prescriptions, should be carried on and off the cruises by the guests themselves. Safes are available and free of charge onboard. For your own safety, all baggage should not be left unattended.


EMBARKATION / DISEMBARKATION The cruises will be available for embarkation two hours before the scheduled sailing time noted on the itinerary sent with the final documents. On disembarkation day, cabins must be vacated two hours after the scheduled arrival time, unless otherwise agreed by the captain.


GUESTS WITH DISABILITIES Guest with disability is welcomed. However, please be noted that we have limited facilities for the disabled onboard. Any guest requiring special service, assistance, equipment, or accommodation must advise Reservation Department before boarding with us. The guest will be informed whether early embarkation will be necessary or not. We have the rights to refuse requested accommodation that is not readily available. For safety reasons, guests in wheelchairs cannot be carried on launches in ports where the cruises are at anchorage areas. Upon notification, our reservation team will provide written specifications detailing suite and bathroom doorway widths and other pertinent access limitations on board. Guests using wheelchairs must be accompanied by another guest in their group for access to all other areas of the cruises. Please be noted that accessible cabins are subjected to availability and must be requested at the time of booking.


SPECIAL DIETS If guests have special dietary requirements, we must be advised at the time of booking or, at the latest, 1 week before sailing. Every effort will be made to comply.


OPTIONAL SHORE EXCURSIONS Shore excursions purchased before sailing are subjected to a 50% cancellation fee from the time of booking and a 100% cancellation fee if canceled within 30 days prior to sailing or once onboard.

SERVICES PROVIDED BY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS All shoreside tours and services described in the brochure are provided by independent contractors. We shall have no obligation or liability of any kind to guests for acts or omissions in connection with or arising out of arrangements with independent contractors, including but not limited to airline carriers, ground-tour operators, hotels, and onboard physicians since they are neither agents nor employees of Viet Star Cruise.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND HEALTH INFORMATION It is the guest’s obligation to obtain valid passports, visas, and public health documents for all applicable ports of call and overland tour destinations. Please consult your travel agent for advice on such requirements. Guests will be sent preliminary cruise documents approximately prior to departure time. These will contain a visa application package from a reputable visa service agency, so guests may avail themselves of this service. We strongly recommend that all guests contact their personal physician, the Department of Public Health, or the Centers for Disease Control to obtain expert medical immunization recommendations for their intended itinerary and travel plans to specifically address Malaria and Yellow Fever requirements in time to receive any necessary vaccinations/immunizations and for them to take effect.

SHORE EXCURSION GRATUITIES Prices do not include gratuities for local shore excursion guides, drivers, and related service staff. Independent, subcontracted ground operator companies employ all ground staff and these entities do not participate in Viet Star Cruise “no tipping” practice. Tipping of guides, drivers, and other independent ground staff is at the individual guest’s discretion, anticipated, and appreciated.





Your information belongs to you and this should always be the case across time and space. Viet Star Cruise understands the importance of protecting personal data and we respect and value the privacy rights of all our customers. The following information concerns all of the online data that we encounter and is in-line with the latest regulations by the laws of Vietnam.



When a guest uses our online services to book a holiday with Viet Star Cruise Investment, we need to acquire the following information, including: name, gender, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card, and other necessary information. We may also ask other questions related to your travel preferences, so that we can specialize the suitable service for you. All reservations (regardless of whether they’re made directly or through a travel agent) should provide all necessary passport information at least 24 hours before your arrival for registration purposes. Please be aware that if you choose to book through a travel agent, your chosen third party will have access to details including your: full name, date of birth, passport number, and visa expiry date. Via indirect reservations (through third parties such as travel agents), we only receive the names of the guests.


When we meet our customers, we are obliged to take a copy of their passports under international laws. We provide an e-copy of this to the Vietnamese Immigration Department – Public Security of Quang Ninh Province. This information is only used in cases of national interest for immigration, visa, and emergency purposes.



This is the data that can’t be used to decipher an individual identity, such as demographic data, browser & device data. We do not use cookies on our website. We don’t see it necessary to collect and manipulate any other aggregated data. We are a leading tour company and our service sells without the use of the e-data collection.



Any data that we collect is simply used to complete your booking and for legal immigration purposes. If this ever changes and we intend to share your data with an outside party, we are legally obliged to inform you. At which point our customers get the opportunity to opt-out.



We make sure that client information isn’t utilized in any way which hasn’t been given approval for by the owner (you). We don’t offer, rent, exchange or give any information to third parties for any purpose not stated in these details. In order to eliminate unauthorized use, your credit card data is sent securely from your browser to our reservations office. Credit card numbers are used just for the payment processing and are not kept for any other purposes. No credit card data is stored on our servers. We ask that you don’t send us any delicate data through email. Credit card data should just be given to us by means of the online reservation booking engine or form, which encrypts your credit card data to guarantee your security or by reaching our reservation office.



If you’d like to access, change, or remove your personal data that you have previously provided to us, or are looking to review your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, you can contact us at Viet Star Cruise Investment.



Personal data related to all bookings is stored in a protected online database and remains there for several months after the guests’ stay. This is important for referrals in case of complaints and/or emergencies. This data is confidential and eventually deleted.



By using any of the Viet Star Cruise Investment’s websites, you recognize and agree with our policy and also that of the laws of Vietnam. You concur that we won’t be held subject to any misfortune, damage, or other harm that emerges from the utilization of this site, including the dissemination of data that is provided by other third parties contributing to this site. Viet Star Cruise additionally maintains the authority needed to change, whenever, any of the terms and conditions and to adjust, include, or expel segments of this Privacy Policy.


In the event that you don’t agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, we ask that you avoid utilizing this website and we will provide other means to you to book your reservations as well as obtain information on your vacation.