5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Lan Ha Cruise

From ancient fishing villages to secluded beaches, from hidden caves to stunning ocean views, there’s never a shortage of new experiences to embrace in Lan Ha Bay, a less touristic alternative for Halong Bay. A Lan Ha Bay cruise can be a great vacation option for those who want to see the pristine beauty of the Nature without spending a lot of time planning where to stay and where to eat. If you’re wondering about setting sail, here are 5 reasons why you should take a Lan Ha Bay Cruise at least once in your life!

1. Admire the landscape of limestone karsts on a Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Situated in the southeast of Cat Ba Island in the Gulf of Tonkin, Lan Ha Bay, known as the twin of Ha Long Bay, is made up of around 400 karst islands and limestone sea rocks . As a geological extension of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is equally as beautiful although it is less visited, less inhabited and therefore has the extra appeal of being a more peaceful place.


Halong Bay Cruise


The magnificent rock formations dominating the Bay’s landscape date to over 500 million years ago. Under the effect of climate and tectonic movements, it would have taken millions of years to become the largest marine karst in the world that we have today. There is no better way to enjoy the mysterious limestone karsts than from the top deck or through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a cruise.


Viet Hai Village Halong Bay Cruise


Officially recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve Zone, Cát Bà Island boasts an extremely diverse ecosystem with plenty of unique flora and fauna as it is home to a number of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, with the world’s rarest primates the Golden-headed Langur. 

Do not miss a stopover in the floating villages dating back to millions of years ago, where you can observe local life and traditional practices such as aquaculture, oyster farming or pearl farming.

2. Discover the pristine beaches

What is more relaxing than walking on the beaches surrounded by beautiful mountains offering breathtaking views of pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters and realizing that you’re the only one there. With nearly 400 islands and islets, there are endless beaches waiting to be discovered in the Gulf of Tonkin.


Ba Trai Dao Beach


Taking a Lan Ha Bay cruise, you will be able to enjoy a stop off at some of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin. However, the real gems are located away from tourist hotspots, where they remain secluded and undisturbed by the crowds. Don’t forget Lan Ha Bay is an excellent spot for kayaking. What could be better than kayaking away from the crowds and discovering lesser-known beaches and off-shore islets just moments from the cruise ship?

3. Enjoy a panoramic ocean view from a Lan Ha Bay Cruise

One especially great thing about Lan Ha Bay cruise vacation is that you can enjoy a breathtaking ocean view constantly. Capella Cruise, one of the most luxury 5-star cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin, goes a step further by redefining panoramic ocean views with their cabins.


Capella Cruise


All rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows providing access to private balconies for a magnificent view of limestone mountain landscape. Each cabin is designed as a suite with an ocean-view bathtub for the perfect experience in your own comfort and privacy.

4. Enjoy a relaxing way to travel with a Lan Ha Bay cruise

Since relaxation and rejuvenation are often the ultimate goals of any vacation, the pampering options onboard a cruise ship make it an easy choice for those who are looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.


relax in Capella Cruise


Enjoy a cocktail and a good book by the pool or book a spa treatment for private time to rejuvenate and relax. Either way, a Lan Ha Bay cruise gives you the opportunity to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. They also offer you the opportunity to continue your fitness routine while on vacation while offering a well-equipped fitness room and morning Tai-chi class. You’ll appreciate every blissful moment and return home feeling like yourself, only better.

5. Lan Ha Bay cruise offers a variety of amazing activities

If you’re worried that you’ll be bored on a cruise ship, don’t worry! While taking a Lan Ha Bay cruise like Capella Cruise, there are plenty of onboard activities and shore excursions for you to experience. From kayaking to riding a bamboo boat with locals, cave exploring to excursions to floating villages, cooking classes to Tai-chi practices, there’s truly something for everyone.


Lan Ha Bay Vacation Capella Cruise


You’ll find all sorts of ways to fill your days onboard whether you want to lounge at the sundeck with an icy cocktail or take a dip in the pool and jacuzzi. Want to spend time indulging in a massage or gambling in the poker club? You can do it. Moreover, if you want to experience a new level of fun, cruise with Capella Cruise to enjoy the only and by far the only coolest water slide in the Bay.

Feel free to choose your activities and entertainment to make every day and night an unforgettable vacation experience.


For those who enjoy adventure, discovering the beauty of nature, there is no better way to spend your holiday than on a Lan Ha Bay cruise. Ready to plan your visit to this truly awesome wonder of nature? Discover the Capella Cruise 3-day and 2-night or 2-day and 1-night itineraries and find out which one is perfect for you.