The Capella cruise on Lan Ha Bay






Vietnam has great potential for developing tourism as it is endowed with favorable geographical location, climate, and natural conditions. The country has a long coastline of more than 3,000 km along with the country with green forests and majestic landscapes. Vietnam also boasts of more than 125 beaches and ranks among the top 12 countries for the most beautiful bays in the world.

The promotion of island and sea tourism development is in line with the strength of Vietnam’s tourism industry. Viet Star Cruise Invest Company takes this advantage to promote sea and island tourism, including luxury cruise business. The company was founded in 2018 with the main business operation of a luxury cruise and travel service.

We aim to build luxurious cruise operating in different bays and islands along the coastline to promote the beauty of Vietnam to the world. The Capella cruise is the first member of the fleet, the first melody of the sea symphony.

Each cruise is an artwork with its stunning design and super services by an enthusiastic team. The whole company and management team have worked hard, together with our partners in achieving the excellence of cruise and travel service serving domestic and international visitors.

Our Mission :

 »   Become the leader of the luxury cruise business sector in Vietnam and Southeast Asia 

 »   Invest and operate cruise businesses based on sustainable development, along with responsible tourism standards towards domestic and international travelers.  

  »  Commit to providing outstanding cruise service  on luxury 5-star ships to customers 

  »  Establish a professional team to promote prosperous business and practice social responsibility